Swimming Training Fins-Fishtail Flex

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  • Pro Impact Rubber Swimming Training Fins-Fishtail Flex Blade Design Adjustable Full Foot Pocket Offers Comfort for Water Aerobics Swimming Laps Snorkeling Diving for Adults, Kids, Assorted Colors
  • FINS THAT ENHANCE YOUR SWIM: Pro Impact Swimming Fins are designed to deliver an enhanced and comfortable swimming experience. These fins are useful not only for a casual swim in the sea or a pool but also for snorkeling underwater. They offer comfort and stability while swimming which makes them a good choice for all.
    MADE FROM DURABLE RUBBER MATERIAL: The material used in making these fins is high quality rubber that is very flexible in nature. The elasticity of this material allows you to put on these fins with ease and the softness of the rubber ensures comfort while swimming.
    FISHTAIL FLEX BLADE DESIGN: Pro Impact Swimming Fins get a unique fishtail flex blade design that allows for better kicking control. The design also helps to improve efficiency to channel water. The fins are long and have two drainage holes that provide better stability and less resistance.
    COMFORTABLE FOOT POCKETS: The foot pockets of these fins are very comfortable and do not cause skin chaffing or irritation. These foot pockets adjust to the size of your foot and hold on to them securely while you swim or snorkel. There are three different size available – S (5-7) Size, M (7-9) Size and L (9-11) Size respectively. Packaging is done with P-004 PVC and mesh bag
    A GREAT ADDITION TO YOUR SWIMMING KIT: These swimming fins from Pro Impact are a great addition to your swimming routine. For beginners, they will offer more stability and for the regular swimmers, the fins will help to enhance their balance and speed while swimming.
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